What Color Orchid is Best for Feng Shui?

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Depending on your goals, you can use certain colored orchids in the home to improve feng shui. To do this, place specifically colored orchids in various areas of the home. Different colors have different meanings in feng shui and you can use this to your advantage.

During the Lunar New Year, brightly colored orchids are used to decorate homes and businesses. Orchids are lucky plants. It is thought that decorating with certain colored orchids blooms, such as purple, red or pink, will increase one’s fortune and bring good luck for the upcoming new year.

Lucky red cymbidium orchid surrounded by rocks in feng shui setting

Color is a powerful and easy way to adjust feng shui levels in your home. In order to use orchids to boost feng shui, you will need to choose orchids in bloom. This will allow you to use the colors of the orchid flowers to increase feng shui in a certain area. The colors of orchid flowers, or even orchid pots, have the potential to increase your home’s feng shui.

When people think of feng shui, they may think of the flow of energy around the home or about the position and location of items in each room. But did you know that the color of your orchids can improve or decrease feng shui? Using colored orchid blooms is a way to influence feng shui levels in the house. Keep reading to find out more.

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Using Colored Orchids in Feng Shui

Bright pink orchid blooms outdoors with blurred green background

The bagua map, pictured below, is used in Western Feng Shui to map out different areas of a person’s home. As you can see, the map has nine different areas, each corresponding to an area of one’s life.

If you want to improve the feng shui in specific areas of your life, you can use a bagua map to strategically do this. Place specific colored plants, flowers, or orchids in areas of your home that correspond to the bagua map to boost feng shui.

The Bagua Map

To use the map, you will have to first align the map with your own home.

If you live in an apartment, line up the bottom of the map, where it says “front entrance,” with the front entrance of your home or the wall where your front entrance is located. Once you have determined the position of the map in relation to your apartment’s front entrance, go ahead and section out your apartment’s living space into the nine sections shown in the map below.

If you live in a home rather than an apartment, you will need to align the map differently. This is because the natural elements that surround the home, such as trees and grass, affect feng shui differently than in an apartment.

Determine where north is located and which part of your home faces north. You may have to use a compass or your smartphone’s compass app to do this.

Once you have found north, align the career and work success area of the bagua map with that northern section of your house. This will put health and family in the eastern side of your house, reputation and fame in the south, and children or creativity in the west. From there, you can figure out where the nine different bagua sections are located.

Bagua map for Everyday Orchids

I go over in more detail in another article about where to put orchids to maximize feng shui. By placing orchids in specific locations in the house that correspond with the bagua map, you can improve feng shui and luck in that area of your life.

Likewise, using different colored orchids in specific areas of your home can have a powerful feng shui effect. If used in the right place, color can increase feng shui. On the flip side, the wrong color used in the wrong bagua location can have the effect of decreasing feng shui.

Choosing the Right Colored Orchid

Dozens of yellow and red orchid flowers for good luck

Many people buy Phalaenopsis orchids to decorate their home. Try to incorporate different colored Phalaenopsis orchids into specific areas of the home to boost feng shui. These orchid blooms come in a variety of different colors and the flowers can last up to 12-13 weeks. Cut Phalaenopsis orchid flowers will last 1-2 weeks with the proper care.

Cymbidium orchids are another popular orchid variety which has a wide array of colored blooms. These flowers come in every color except blue. Don’t just limit yourself to the most popular orchid varieties either. When it comes to orchids, there are many different species available. Choose the colored bloom and orchid species that will work best for you.

When choosing an orchid to enhance your home’s feng shui, you need to be intentional about selecting the right color orchid. Remember, it is the color of the blooms that determines whether the plant adds more feng shui or not.

Depending on the color of the orchid’s flowers, the orchid can bring additional joy, focus, passion, or energy into the home. I will talk more about the significance of each individual color below. The color and design of the orchid pot will also influence feng shui levels.

When using orchids to increase feng shui in your home, pay attention to the orchid pot, the material it is made of, and the color of the orchid blooms.

Double-Pot Your Orchid

Dark brown orchid pot with Chinese characters with pink orchids cascading down

For best results and to ensure that your orchid stays healthy, pot your orchid in a lightweight plastic orchid pot with slits for air circulation. Then place this pot into a larger, more decorative container or pot.

Doing so will allow you to select the right color orchid pot for your space while ensuring your orchid roots stay healthy. I talk more about the double-potting method in my article about how to choose an orchid pot, so be sure to check it out.

It goes without saying that healthy orchid plants add to the feng shui of a home. Dead or dying plants diminish the positive energy and feng shui. Do regular pruning and maintenance of your orchid to remove any dead or dying plant material. If you are trying to increase your home’s feng shui, do your best to keep your orchid healthy, happy and alive.

Violet or Purple Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

Lucky purple and violet orchid blooms clustered together for good feng shui

Violet and purple are considered to be the most auspicious, or lucky, orchid colors. Purple invokes images of royalty, wealth and abundance. Violet or purple colored orchids are thought of as one of the best colored orchids to display.

Use purple or violet orchids to increase success in your career and business. Purple orchids bring career chi, or energy, into a space. In order to boost feng shui in your career, place the orchids near a window in the career bagua area of your home.

Place purple or violet orchids in the family bagua area to increase your family’s fortune and harmony. Generally, placing purple or violet colored orchid blooms in your home can bring luck, so almost anywhere you place purple or violet orchids will be fine.

Pink and Red Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

Red vanda orchid flowers for luck and good feng shui

Pink and red colors symbolize energy, passion and romance. Second to purple, red is the most auspicious, or lucky, color in feng shui. Red is often used in Asian culture to promote health, prosperity, fortune and luck.

Orchids with red or pink blooms bring energy to the love and marriage aspect of the home. Use red or pink orchids to revitalize areas of your love life that are languishing. Red communicates passion, while pink is softer and promotes feminine energy. When deciding what color is best, think about what you are trying to achieve in that space.

You can place an orchid with red, pink, coral, or orange blooms in the love, marriage, or partnership bagua area of your home. Doing so is thought to encourage harmonious relationships between family members. You can use pink colored orchids to help repair broken family relationships or strengthen harmonious relationships.

White Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

White orchid flowers ourdoors for feng shui

White orchids symbolize innocence and peace. They are often associated with purity and cleansing. Moreover, white orchids can bring clarity and calm to the household.

Place white orchids in the helpful people or family bagua areas of your home to enhance the feeling of calm and peace in your household.

In addition, you can place white orchids in the career bagua area of your home. This will bring clarity to your career or professional life. In fact, use white colored orchid blooms in any area of your home to add clarity to that corresponding area of your life.

You can also use white orchid pots such as this one to improve feng shui in your home.

Green Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

Green orchid flowers against a woven mat background

Green orchid blooms symbolize longevity, health, good fortune and blessings. The color green is associated with growth, healing and new beginnings. Cymbidium orchids and Dendrobium orchids have green-colored orchid blooms. Place these orchids in the health area, as well as in the career, family, and relationships areas.

If you cannot find green orchid blooms, you can also use green orchid pots to promote feng shui in your home’s health are. This natural green orchid pot (complete with slits on the side for air circulation) would be perfect for any orchid. Alternatively, if you prefer to double pot your orchids as I do, these green glazed ceramic pots would be perfect.

Blue Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

Blue orchid blooms for luck and improving feng shui

The color blue is traditionally associated with knowledge, learning, and career in feng shui. Blue orchid blooms placed in the career area of the bagua map can help one strengthen their career feng shui and increase success in one’s professional life. You can find blue orchid blooms in grocery stores, where they have artificially colored the flowers.

If you prefer to stay away from artificially colored blooms, you can incorporate blue into the area using blue orchid pots. Either blue colored orchids or orchid pots will enhance learning and knowledge. So, if you can’t find an orchid with blue-hued blooms, which is admittedly uncommon, just use a blue colored orchid pot such as this one by rePotme instead.

Yellow Orchid Blooms and Feng Shui

Yellow orchid blooms for good feng shui

Yellow is often associated with sunshine and happiness. It is also a neutral color. Use yellow colored orchids to ground your home’s energy. Many orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums, Cattleyas and Cymbidiums, have yellow flowers. In addition, use orchids with yellow colored blooms to increase the health and happiness level of those living in your home.

Final Thoughts

Different colored orchid blooms can influence feng shui. The color of the orchid pot and surrounding furnishings can also impact feng shui.

To use orchids to improve feng shui, select your orchids based on the color of the blooms. On the same note, carefully choose your orchid pots according to their color and material. Use these around the home to find a balance between the five natural elements: fire, water, metal, wood and earth. Hopefully this information helps you as you work to improve the feng shui in your home.

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Lucky yellow orchid flower sitting in a wooden bowl filled with water
Casacading orchid blooms in various colors used for luck and to boost feng shui
Different colored lucky orchid flowers used for feng shui
Pink orchid flowers used in feng shui

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